Magical Performances for Various Events and Occasions

Here is an overview of the various performances I do – bookings range from evening concerts in different sizes to weddings or background harp. I am mainly on the road in Germany, so if you are elsewhere in the world and want to get a feeling for my music you can follow me on YouTube for video creations or listen on Apple MusicSpotify etc . 


Harp and Hang Concerts

A Musical Highlight on Stage

Magical solo concerts with harp, hang and vocals. Let the tunes take you through magical lands, nature inspired music and the stories that life itself is weaving. Some songs are instrumental, in others the lyrics tell tales and complete the music

The set is selected to match the event and can range from my own pieces to folk and traditional music to song covers.

It is possible to book these concerts with additional musicians.



Instrumental Harp Music

Atmospheric Live Music for Unique Events

Let the flowing music of the harp set the scene for evening events, dinners and other occasions where a unique live music background is desired. 

The soft tunes, as well as the physical presence and beauty of the harp, create a memorable atmosphere for your guests.



An Unforgettable Day with Fairytale Moments

Do you want to make your day special by adding the fairytale element of harp music to your wedding ceremony?

Whether it is a big wedding in a chapel, a hand fasting ritual or an outdoors ceremony with a few close loved ones, it is always an honor for me to be part of these moments.


“Mystical Wanderers” – Selkie Anderson & Mike Modulacja

Mystical Music Performances

Soft harp melodies and hang tunes meet spherical sounds and flowing rhythms. The show is a journey through myths, music and tales and includes small performance elements to complete the live music.

Mike Modulacja is a composer and beatmaker, who brings together different musical elements through synthesis and modulation. He electronically creates live atmospheres and beats to flow with the instruments and vocals of Selkie Anderson.

The audience is invited to enter a world of sound and dreams. This fusion of acoustic music and contemporary electronic composing creates a harmonic alliance of the old and the new.


Fire ‘n’ Music

Fireshow with Live-Music

This is a beautiful cooperation with the German fire group Feuerflut – fire performances accompanied by live music on hang and harp.

The magic of fire and mystical live music on stage – a fascinating show combination for outdoor events.